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Let's put your competitors where they belong – in our rear view mirror!
Strong Innovation

Most organizations practice weak innovation which is slow and not radical enough. We need strong innovation, that allows us to leapfrog the competition, not just keep up.

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Biome Baking

High Fiber. No Added Sugar. Bagels and Cookies. Your microbiome will be singing!
Balanced Leadership

"It is like riding a bicycle, where you have to keep pedaling while constantly adjusting the handle bars to compensate for obstacles and the condition of the road ahead."

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Live As Long As Your Dare!

This Book Is About Living A Longer, Healthier Life, Regardless Of Your Current Age.

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Consulting and Coaching

> one-on- one or to a team coaching > leadership assessment of a team or organization > find a few key areas to focus on, in order to make significant improvement

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